How to Improve TOEFL Score in Listening Section

Listening to TOEFL can be very tricky. There are several answers that make you think too long. So, how to improve TOEFL score in the Listening section?

First: Understand the format

The first thing you need to learn in order to beat the listening section in TOEFL is that you have to understand the format of the lectures. Usually, the organization that is officially held TOEFL already mentions the types of the format. You can go check on their official website. Commonly, there are two ultimate formats. The first is the narrative. The narrative contains the beginning, middle, and end. The second format is in the presentation or lecture. It has an introduction, body, and conclusion. By knowing the format, you will be easy to determine which one is the main idea, supporting ideas, and the conclusion.

Second: Take notes

Taking notes is not only important in reading, but also listening. It trains both of your physical and mental. From a physical aspect, your hand writes the words that force you to make it faster meanwhile from a mental aspect, you need to paraphrase the sentence. You also need to make it short and throw the words that are unnecessary. In order to have a good note, you need to write down only the main idea, supporting ideas from the main idea, and facts. Facts usually have a certain number of terms that you may not familiar with. That’s why you should write it down because who knows that the question can be related to it.

You don’t need to write articles but they are completely unnecessary to write down in your notes. The articles are including an, a, or the. It is also unnecessary to write the signal words from the passage (‘the topic is about…’ or ‘the reason why the earth is hot is…’) It will waste your time and forget to write the actual important words.

Keep practicing is the key to get used to unfamiliar words. We hope that these tips can help you on how to improve TOEFL score. Good luck!

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