Do Universities in Germany Have a Low Rank?

Based on Academic Ranking of World Universities, Heidelberg Universities seeds the 42nd position. Lastly, in accordance with Times Higher Education, LMU Munchen seeds the 34th position. Three universities in Germany are less popular to the best universities in the other countries. Those are not being an education trademark in Germany. Then, what does it mean that Germany, being a country of technology innovation qibla, have a poorly high education system? Meanwhile, Alexander Von Humboldt, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein were the alumnus of universities in Germany.

The universities in Germany are not too caring about the ranking system. There are some reasons for it. Firstly, you have to acknowledge that several campuses such as Harvard, Columbia, and MIT have very expensive cost. If you are not too smart in getting a scholarship, you must come from the rich family to pay your lecturing cost or taking a loan from the bank. In this case, you see that an education in the US is still being an expensive thing and a market target is an elite group.

It is different from Germany seeing an education to be a public investment so that everyone can be a free lecturing cost including international students. Cheaper cost is not always mean to have a low quality but the institution in Germany doesn’t invest the money in conducting activities improving the campus rank in the international scene.

Instead, they refuse a funding cost coming from the third side disturbing independence and an educational institution impartiality. If they think a reputation, for now, they require a longer time to beat Harvard University. It is rather difficult to mention the best university in Germany because all universities in Germany are qualified and no striking differences from one campus to another one. It can be a great option for the new students.

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