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Word Study Wednesday Linky ~ Anticipation (Part 2) in Music

You can find part 1 of this Word Study here.

For part 2, we're going to look at understanding anticipation by "hearing" it.

We first "hear' it in Emily Bronte's poetry.

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And also in music...

From Webster's 1828 Dictionary, the 4th definition of Anticipation is:
In music, the obtrusion of a chord upon a syncopated note, to which it forms a discord.

Obtrusion: a thrusting upon others by force or unsolicited

Picking up on "syncopated note"... syncopate means, "In music, to prolong a note begun on the unaccented part of a bar, to the accented part of the next bar; or to connect the last note of a bar with the first of the following; or to end a note in one part, in the middle of a note of another part."

Discord: In music, disagreement of sounds; dissonance; a union of sounds which is inharmonious, grating and disagreeable to the ear; or an interval whose extremes do not coalesce. Thus the second and the seventh, when sounded together, make a discord The term discord is applied to each of the two sounds which form the dissonance, and to the interval; but more properly to the mixed sound of dissonant tones. It is opposed to concord and harmony.

So, we could say that Anticipation in music is a thrusting by force of a union of two or more sounds upon an inverted note.  

We could say that the notes we expect to (anticipate) hear, we hear at another time, forming a sort of discord.  

If our brains naturally break down music into patterns, anticipation would occur when we expect to hear a certain rhythm, accent, or grove, and do not because of syncopation.  It's all about the accent. 

The fun part is that our brains love it!  We can indeed "feel" the anticipation in the music and enjoy the surprise of the variance in the music.  It makes the music fun, rather than merely mechanical or mathematical.  It gives music a human quality, quirkiness. 

And anticipation, the way we normally understand the word and experience it, does thrill us.  It gives us something to look forward to. 

Anticipation can be sweet. It can be teasing. It can even be a form of torture. "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." Proverbs 13:12

Think of the times you have experienced anticipation!

Anticipation is also a reflection of creativity.  It alters from the norm, giving music the character of individuality. 

Faith itself is  entirely about anticipation, the substance of things hoped for", rather than things known (certain knowledge). 

In Christianity, God created the world.  Christians anticipate that God will bring about a "new heaven and a new earth." Jesus was born, died, and was raised again.  Christians anticipate his return. 

The way music demonstrates anticipation can give a picture of the creativity of the Creator,  allowing for variances and discord, while still maintaining harmony.  Listen for yourself to the short embed video and see which version you would rather listen to!

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